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How Negativity Can Help Propel You to Success

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Being positive could be overrated – at least according to Todd Herman. In a Facebook Live for The Goal Standard Challenge, the high-performance coach tells us that the idealistic "Pollyanna approach" is a surefire way to fail. You need to embrace the negative, get more grounded and prepare for resistance. Check out his Facebook Live video [...]

How to Encourage Networking That Boosts Company Culture

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Networking is the avenue by which personality and rapport soften professional boundaries. It allows employees to seek and gain career advice, circulate and formulate ideas, become friends beyond the boardroom and truly learn from one another. Both internal and external networking are essential for career development and self-fulfillment. But it's internal networking, in particular, that can help an organization create [...]

How to Make Your Employees Masters, Not Just Workers

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At some point in your career, you've probably said these words at work. Even if you're working at an exciting company, in a coveted role, you may still find yourself wondering, Is this it? I've spoken to many highly successful professionals who expressed that very sentiment. Why does this happen? Like most answers, there's likely a multitude [...]

Meet Akshay Sathaye, the Sharp ‘E-Commerce’ Shooter

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This techie is turning the best DSLR cameras you had, for shooting products for your e commerce startups, obsolete. Often when a good product picture drives the buying decision, investing in getting such hi-quality images can burn a hole in start-ups’ pockets. Intelligent product photography is a technology backed by image processing algorithms, and artificial [...]

Why Team Input Is the Key to Successful Benefits Planning

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Every entrepreneur knows how important employee engagement and retention are to the success of any growing company. You’ve probably read the data yourself about how much time and effort go into replacing a good employee; surveys describe a cost equating to six to nine months of that employee’s salary. You're probably aware that countless factors come into [...]

Why Everything Is Your Fault and Why That’s Good

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I’m about to turn 30. God willing, I’m about a third of the way through, but I’ve already learned some things thus far. One of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned, about three years ago now, is that everything that is "happening" to you at this moment is absolutely your fault. I’ve noticed that too few of us are willing to take [...]

Jeff Bezos Knows the Difference Between Content and Complacent

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A while back, I met up with an acquaintance. I liked talking to her -- she's funny, happy to help others and she hosts great parties. But she’s been working in the same job for several years now. It's an entry-level position that doesn't have much opportunity, if any, to move up within the company. Many of her colleagues [...]

5 Ways Buying Lunch for a Client Makes You More Persuasive

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Do you have a customer who has been dubious to win over? On the other hand a potential business accomplice you're feeling apprehensive about meeting with? Assuming this is the case, there's a simple approach to expand your chances - take them out to lunch. The advantages of working together over lunch have been touted [...]

Analysis of the Logistics Sector in India & Expectations for Budget 2017

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ndebted to the current monetary changes, exchange co-operation, enhanced transportation foundation and modern improvement, the Indian Logistic Service Providers (LSPs) enjoyed flourishing in the year 2016. While the business proceeds with its development free for all, last year turned out to be a promising year for the division. Floated by the support from a few [...]